ExCo Meeting April-May 2014 Sardinia - Italy

During the last week of April IAAS Sassari (Italy) organised the international Exchange Coördinator’s Meeting. The theme of the week was: “Seeding our values, growing the future!”.

A variety of farm and factory visits, cultural activities and trainings was offered.

The meeting started with a brief explanation about ExPro (the Exchange Program) and presentations by every country about their current ExPro status and other IAAS activities in their country.

In the evening we had time to get to know each other better while enjoying a glass of delicious (sponsored) Sardinian mirto, wine and music. Many nights like this would follow.

The next day we drove to the town of Macomer where the local people proudly taught us about their traditions and beautiful landscape wherein Nuraghe’s and tombs (1500-1200 B.C) were scattered around. It was not only a one way exchanging of culture. Also the international participants presented their culinary tradition to the locals. After this, the locals offered us a traditional lunch.

The day after we visited the dairy factory Arborea in the middle of Sardinia. This factory collects and processes 90% of the cow-milk production of the whole island. The participants could have a look at how Arborea produces yoghurts, cheese, ricotta and UHT milk and afterwards taste the results.

To end the day we visited the second largest ostrich farm in Europe. The ostriches are kept for their meet, eggs, leather and feathers.

The next morning a professional conference was organized at the university. Speakers from different organisations (including the government) came to discuss the topic: “Feeding the planet, the agricultural student’s role”. In the afternoon, problems and solutions for ExPro where discussed. The day was finished with an amazing Trade Fair.

The next day was relaxing. We spent the morning on the beach and in the afternoon had a walk in the amazing scenery of the Porto Conte National Park.

The last day we visited a family owned winery called Giuseppe Sedilesu. After an interesting tour in the wine cellars and explanation about the production we continued our way to a local cheese maker, Erkiles, on the top of a hill. Because the bus was unable to reach this place, the locals drove us there in their antique Fiat Panda’s through the tiny steep streets of the picturesque village of Olzai. The day was concluded with a demonstration of traditional activities in this village like bread making and basked waving.

As you can read it has been an really interesting and unforgettable week and we really would like to thank all of the OC members of IAAS Sassari for doing such a great job in organizing this.


It was amazing !


P.S. we even made it into the Italian Newspaper  http://lanuovasardegna.gelocal.it/nuoro/cronaca/2014/05/07/news/olzai-capitale-dell-exco-meeting-1.9180400


Exchange Week March 2014

The first week of March 2014 a successful international IAAS exchange week was held in Belgium whit guests from Switzerland, Spain and Croatia. During this week a mix of cultural- , agricultural- and fun-activities was organized. We visited Ghent, Bruges, Brussels and Leuven, we went to the most famous beer brewery of Belgium, visited a bio-gas installation, had lab/greenhouse guided tours, had a great long bike trip (with the best weather) visiting 4 typical Belgium farms and last but not least had a great trade fair ! 

European Director's Meeting January 2014

From the 27th of December to the 3rd of January, IAAS Poland put on the European Directors’ Meeting in Warsaw. At this event were 45 students from 17 countries. All students got to see the most important tourist attractions in Warsaw, such as the Royal Łazienki Museum, the Warsaw Rising Museum, the Copernicus Science Centre and also some places where the culture is alive at night! One day we went to the Gró jec region which some people call “Europe’s biggest orchard”. In this region, we saw how apples are stored and prepared for being sold to shops.

World Congress Chile July 2013

The IAAS World Congress of 2013 was held in Chile. More than 50 IAAS members from all over the world attended this great 3 week lasting event. During these weeks a broad programme of activities was offered. Off course there were the General Assembly meetings, but next to that was there a 3-day seminar where even the Minister of Agriculture gave a presentation especially for IAAS and many typical Chilean farms were visited. The last week the group travelled across the country and visited many beautiful natural / cultural sites. 


FAO Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

UNESCOUnited Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

UNEPUnited Nations Environment Programme

ICAAssociation for European Life Science Universities